With the goal of creating an easy and efficient way to track time and attendance for our clients and employees, First Choice Personnel is dedicated to using automated tools and processes whenever possible.

We offer two options with regard to time-keeping and management.

Connect with Client's Current System

Our software is capable of working with any time clock system. This enables us to easily connect with the system your company is currently using.  With this option, your mangers and supervisor will be able to use a system that they are familiar and comfortable with to track time and attendance data.

FCP Time Clock

First Choice Personnel can provide a time clock for use in your facility. To fit your preferences, the device can be placed on a wall or set up as a kiosk.

Benefits and Features

  • Reduced paperwork and time spent on timekeeping processes
  • Variety of time capture solutions: PIN entry, biometric finger print, web, email
  • Increased accuracy of payroll and invoicing
  • Email approval and notification for manager/supervisor level
  • Dashboard view to monitor time management
  • Reporting structure to improve process
  • Robust reporting module
  • Simple to learn, easy to use


This automated process offers many benefits, including ease of use, faster service, convenience, security, accuracy, and reduced operational and administrative costs. Invoices are sent via email in PDF or Excel format, and payments are received using Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) through an Automated Clearing House (ACH).

We strive to make every client experience as easy and productive as possible by offering electronic invoices and payment options.