At FCP, we strive to understand our clients and their needs as a business. We do not stop there. FCP works to understand specific business processes and company strategies. Ultimately, this lets us deliver the solution that allows business to operate in a more timely and innovative manner with an emphasis on the bottom line.

Interviewing: We begin our screening process by thoroughly interviewing each applicant to help us determine the candidate's experiences, abilities, and skills.

Previous Work History References: We offer employment verification of an associate's past work history.

Pre Screening Checks: We offer comprehensive pre-screening checks based upon the client's needs. Background checks for state, national, and social security are standard on all employees. FCP has access to the largest database of prescreen tools available on the market.  If your company has a specialized need, please let us know and we will accommodate you.

Drug Screening: Our standard drug screen is a 5-panel urine screen, we also offer 10-panel screens as well as MRO administered testing which can be activated upon client request.

Confidentiality: To protect our clients' confidential information, as well as the private information of their clientele, all associates are bound by a confidentiality clause contained in our new hire paperwork.